The Hong Kong Jockey Club Clubhouse - Hong Kong

In 2018, JARI was awarded as the sub-contractor to design, install and operate a 7-meter long with full height viewing panel seafish aquarium in The Hong Kong Jockey Club Clubhouse Extension. JARI works as the sole consultant and contractor for the aquarium project from conceptual design to operation. The aquarium will be home for more than 250 seafishes and serves as a live lecturer to educate our kids on ocean diversity.


The Hong Kong Jockey Club Clubhouse Extension

Scope of Work

Design Phase

  • Conceptual development Service

  • Sketch and Schematic Service

  • Design and Engineering Service

Install Phase

  • Aquarium transportation and installation Service

  • Rockwork and Theming Service

  • Lighting Selection 

  • Life Support System

  • Foam Fractionator

  • Heat Pumps

  • Bag Filters

  • Sand Filters

  • Ozone

  • UV

  • Livestock Sourcing and Quarantine Service

Operate Phase

  • Livestock Procurement, Quarantine and Introduction

  • Acrylic Panel cleaning (Diving)

  • BMS system control

  • Lighting Solution

  • Daily Feeding

  • Water Quality Control

  • Location: Hong Kong

  • Client: The Hong Kong Jockey Club

  • Time: 2019

  • Water Volume: 25000 Liters


- Using tower crane to deliver and position the 7-meter long, 8,500kg aquarium to the concrete plinth on seventh floor of the building.

- Provide diving operation to operatrate the aquarium and keep fish in a low-stress healthy encironment.