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K11 - Nature Discovery Park

Outdoor Aquarium

In 2019, JARI Oceanbuilder was appointed to design, build and operate The Hong Kong largest outdoor reef aquarium in K11 Art Mall (MUSEA).The aquarium was fabricated with a 4.8m long with 1m height L-shape Plexiglas® acrylic panel which can guarantee no yellowing in 30 years by anti-UV technology. Together with the seamless bonding technology, visitors can enjoy a crystal clear view of aquarium.

The aquarium is a home for various sea fish and corals specie which was once found in Hong Kong and China Sea. The aquarium is also equipped with a programmed lighting system to simulate sunrise and sunset. The theme in the aquarium was a replicate to the underdeck of Hong Kong pier. The idea together with the specie selection is to remind the public and our children how our sea can hoist so many beautiful creatures if we conserve our ocean.


Under water pier in Hong Kong Victoria Harbour is the main idea of our aquarium, apart from the reasons that it represents the international image of Hong Kong, the harbour also shows importance in ocean biodiversity. More than 6000 corals are being homed in the harbour and numerous marine species are benefited by three main ocean currents. With the collaboration of K11 MUSEA, we also organize workshops to schools, parents and children  to appreciate and raise their awareness to biodiversity of ocean.

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K11 Aquarium

Scope of Work

Design Phase

  • Conceptual development Service

  • Sketch and Schematic Service

  • Design and Engineering Service

Install Phase

  • Aquarium transportation and installation Service

  • Rockwork and Theming Service

  • Lighting Selection 

  • Life Support System

  • Foam Fractionator

  • Heat Pumps

  • Bag Filters

  • Sand Filters

  • Ozone

  • UV

  • Livestock Sourcing and Quarantine Service

Operate Phase

  • Livestock Procurement

  • Quarantine and Introduction Lighting Solution

  • Water Quality Control

  • Location: Hong Kong

  • Client: New World Construction

  • Time: 2019

  • Water Volume: 10000 Liters


- The first outdoor sea water aquarium in Hong Kong open to public require a control on water quality and temperature

- Deliver and position the aquarium to 8/F of K11 MUSEA.

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