The Marriott Hotel –

Hong Kong Ocean Park

In 2017, JARI was appointed as sub-contractor for overall project consultancy, testing & commissioning and operation of the aquarium in the Mariott Hotel under Hong Kong Ocean Park’s re-development program.

The Marriott Hotel

  • Location: Hong Kong

  • Client: Hong Kong Ocean Park

  • Time: 2018

  • Water Volume: 660000 Liters

Scope of Work

Testing and Commissioning

  • Life Support System

  • Spent Water Recovery System

  • Lighiting System

  • Quarantine System

  • Fish Kitchen

  • Divers Operation Facilities

  • Acrylic Panels

Operate Phase

  • Livestock Procurement, Quarantine and Introduction

  • Acrylic Panel cleaning (Diving)

  • Life Support System Operation

  • Lighting System Operation

  • Daily Feeding (Diving)

  • Water Quality Control


- Monitor the health of 1500 fish from over 50 species.

- Maintain the cleanliness of the 18-meter acrylic panel.

- Control good water quality standard.