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Cube O Discovery Park (浩海立方‧探游館)

The indoor Cube O Discovery Park is the first jellyfish aquarium featuring dining services, STEM learning, and entertainment in Hong Kong, serving as a hub for educating ocean marine science and promoting the idea of conservation. 
Jari Aquarium provides professional supports for the project, including aquarium system installation, lighting ideas, jellyfish supply, etc.

Cube O

Scope of Work

  • Location: Hong Kong

  • Client: Ocean Discovery Park & Restaurant 

  • Time: 2021

A Combination of
Aquarium & Restaurant

Design Phase

  • Conceptual development Service

  • Design and Engineering Service

Operate Phase

  • Livestock Procurement, Quarantine and Introduction

  • Lighting Solution

Install Phase

  • Aquarium transportation and installation Service

  • Lighting Selection 

  • Life Support System

  • Foam Fractionator

  • Chiller

  • Ozone

  • UV

  • Livestock Sourcing and Quarantine Service

- To order jellyfish and aquarium, please contact us.

Dinning area

Jellyfish Aquarium


Lighting System &
Life Support System

Crystal clear acrylic jellyfish tanks are supported by reliable fiberglass stands. Which is the best combination in saltwater aquarium system with no rusting damage.

To Share the Beauty of Ocean

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