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Cube O Discovery Park (浩海立方‧探游館)

The indoor Cube O Discovery Park is the first jellyfish aquarium featuring dining services, STEM learning, and entertainment in Hong Kong, serving as a hub for educating ocean marine science and promoting the idea of conservation. 
Jari Aquarium provides professional supports for the project, including aquarium system installation, lighting ideas, jellyfish supply, etc.

Cube O

Scope of Work

  • Location: Hong Kong

  • Client: Ocean Discovery Park & Restaurant 

  • Time: 2021

A Combination of
Aquarium & Restaurant

Design Phase

  • Conceptual development Service

  • Design and Engineering Service

Operate Phase

  • Livestock Procurement, Quarantine and Introduction

  • Lighting Solution

Install Phase

  • Aquarium transportation and installation Service

  • Lighting Selection 

  • Life Support System

  • Foam Fractionator

  • Chiller

  • Ozone

  • UV

  • Livestock Sourcing and Quarantine Service

- To order jellyfish and aquarium, please contact us.

Dinning area

Jellyfish Aquarium


Lighting System &
Life Support System

Crystal clear acrylic jellyfish tanks are supported by reliable fiberglass stands. Which is the best combination in saltwater aquarium system with no rusting damage.